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Clutch Names Timelapse a Top 20 Creative Agency in San Francisco

At Timelapse, we thrive to help innovative organizations of all sizes break creative boundaries to stand out and change the game. We provide strategy, marketing, branding, web, video, and social media services to innovative start-ups as well as enterprises and incubators around the world. On Thursday, February 28th, Clutch announced the leading San Francisco B2B […]

Branding 101: The Language of Design Explained

By Lindsey Simpson, Marketing Coordinator    Being unfamiliar with the world of design, many often find themselves lost when having conversations with designers or trying to interpret their brand guidelines. So, our team thought it would be useful to break down the definition of design and some of the commonly used lingo.  In the most […]

Timelapse Named a Leading San Francisco Agency by Clutch

More and more companies are bringing creative and marketing functions in-house, rather than relying on agencies to support their day-to-day activities. This shift is disrupting the way agencies are run, since they are now primarily brought in to support high-priority and high-stakes campaigns or projects. There’s no room for mediocrity. For many agencies, the new […]

SEO Trainer’s 5 Obvious Tips For Picking the Best SEO Class

By Cort Tafoya, SEO Consultant & Instructor at Timelapse Picking the right SEO class can be a challenge. Between your unique business goals, online and offline course options as well as free ebooks littered across the web, it’s hard to know which educational path to take. The last 4 years I’ve been a SEO trainer in […]

Timelapse Featured Among Top Advertising Agencies on Clutch

After speaking with one of our clients about the experience we provide, ratings and reviews firm Clutch has recently featured Timelapse among the top advertising agencies in San Francisco. Clutch is a Washington-based market research company which delves into the experience of hundreds of agencies across digital and traditional marketing industries. Their work provides in-depth […]

The Best Marketing Is Not Marketing. Anymore.

The best Marketing is Design, Copywriting, Product, and Service. Almost every single marketer today is spending time building content and pushing it out. Blogging. Posting. Emailing. Tweeting. Sharing. Retweeting. Scooping. Building content. Pushing it out. We’re in the era of content marketing. And that makes a lot of sense. With increasing advertising costs (are you […]

The Importance of Timing in Social Media Management

In social media management, the focus is primarily on delivering the right content to your audience. While that is certainly important, timing in social media management is also vital. After all, even the best content won’t make an impact if the timing is off and your target audience never gets the chance to see it. […]

Bing Ads Editor: How This Tool Could Cause You to Leave Google for Good

When it comes to online marketing, most professionals wholeheartedly believe that Google AdWords is the ideal platform. However, alternatives like Bing Ads Editor are gaining speed, and they may just be the best option for your business. Bing Ads as a whole is growing rapidly, taking just over 19 percent of the market share for […]

5 Ways MailChimp can Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is a big part of any marketing campaign, and it can have phenomenal results when done correctly. To best facilitate a great email marketing campaign, having access to resources like MailChimp can help. Discover five of the key ways that MailChimp can improve your email marketing campaign. 1. Make it Easier to Compile […]